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You can help us spread the word about EBN. The more people who know about us, the greater our impact. And our message grows louder as more voices join the chorus.


Take a look at the suggestions below, then review the ideas targeted for each audience to decide what you want to say. Please let us know what you do so we can thank you.

  • Tell 10 friends & colleagues about EBN. ​

  • Talk to a book group, class, club or other group you’re connected with.

  • Post info on your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn pages.

  • Tweet or re-tweet messages on Twitter.

  • Write a blog or article that will reach people over 50 or the groups listed below.

Message ideas targeted by audience
General public

We want people over 50 to be seen as contributors, change-makers and valuable community assets, and for each to have the chance to make a difference.

  • They are a growing, renewable resource for social good.

  • They care about social needs and the communities they live in.

  • They are in search of purpose and want to be actively engaged.

  • They have a lifetime of skills and experience to offer.

We all benefit when the talents of people over 50 are fully engaged.

Healthy aging

Purposeful engagement – paid (work) or unpaid (volunteer, pro bono, stipend) – creates significant benefits for people over 50.

  • Active engagement helps people over 50 see their age as an asset.

  • It connects people over 50 to a community of like-minded individuals.

  • Engaged people over 50 are healthier and their medical costs are lower.

  • Purpose is associated with 7.5 additional years of life.

Purposeful engagement is a triple win: good for communities, good for people over 50, and good for society.

Social purpose organizations

People over 50 offer a human capital solution for nonprofits to meet

their needs for capacity, service delivery and growth.

  • People over 50 bring life experience and specific skills to the workplace.

  • They are more reliable and committed than any other age group.

  • They want to make a difference and leave the world a better place.

  • They offer bonus benefits, like mentoring younger workers, generating new connections and importing new ideas.

Multigenerational workforces help to build effectiveness in nonprofits, government agencies and other social purpose organizations.

Community organizations

EBN offers access to opportunities to engage people over 50 as a value-added benefit for members/clients/participants.

  • Community organizations want to boost their value to members.

  • Many share an affinity with the EBN mission and goals.

  • EBN offers a way to work collaboratively with other organizations.

  • Partnering with EBN can raise their profile in the community.

Communities are better served when people over 50 with local knowledge are engaged in helping to serve the needs of their communities.

People over 50

People over 50 have time, talent and motivation to do good work.

  • In middle age, adults develop a greater focus on community and the next generation.

  • Through life experience, people over 50 can often see more clearly the pressing needs in their communities.

  • Half of people over 50 are using, or say they want to use, their skills for a social purpose.

  • They are often willing and able to be flexible in filling roles.

People over 50 are ideally positioned to connect with and support organizations that are addressing social needs.

Intergenerational connection

Intergenerational contact generates mutual benefits for young people and people over 50.

  • Unprecedented growth of the 50+ population offers a unique opportunity for intergenerational connection and support.

  • Working with kids helps people over 50 maintain social connection, continue to learn, gain emotional support, and improve health.

  • Working with people over 50 helps kids learn social skills, do better in school, reduce risky behaviors, and gain positive role models.

Shared social and economic benefits derive from interaction and support between the older and younger generations.

Youth-serving organizations

EBN offers YSOs a channel for connecting to people over 50 and a resource for learning how to engage, manage and retain them.

  • YSOs learn best practices for recruiting, training, supporting and retaining people over 50 in paid and unpaid roles.

  • They share knowledge, learning, challenges and solutions.

  • They join others in shared initiatives, like recruiting & recognition.

  • Together, they build awareness and visibility as age-friendly employers.

By joining forces with likeminded organizations, YSOs can engage people over 50 more quickly, effectively & efficiently as part of a coordinated campaign.

Gen2Gen Boston

Every child deserves a fair chance and every older person has something to give. Gen2Gen Boston inspires people over 50 to make a difference in children’s lives, especially those who face tough odds.

  • Half of public school kids live in low-income families.

  • They start kindergarten 60% behind their affluent peers.

  • 9 million at-risk youth reach adulthood without a mentor.

Thousands of people over 50 want to help these kids. We’re here to help them find ways to do that.

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