It's a New Year: What's Making You Crazy?

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

The calendar has brought us a new year, when our thoughts turn to making a fresh start. Maybe you've made some resolutions for changes in your life. Or maybe you've resolved to make changes in your community or the world around you. Maybe you've noticed, as you look around, that things don't change by themselves. The issues, inequities and challenges of 2018 are still with us. And they still have the power to get under our skin, get us fired up and make us crazy with anger, frustration and shock. The question is what actions can and will we take to make a difference.

We hope you're finding ways to get involved to address the issues you care about most. And we hope you will take a moment to tell us which issues are getting you fired up. It will take less than a minute for you to answer this question: What issues are making you crazy? Your answers will help us think about ways we might support your efforts to make a change. We're working on some new things for 2019, which we look forward to sharing over the coming months... stay tuned!


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