Intergenerational Entrepreneurship

What’s the best way to create and fund startups? Jim Sugarman sums up the answer in two words: intergenerational entrepreneurship. A successful entrepreneur himself, Jim and his millennial daughter, Samantha, created 4GenNow last year to match older and younger entrepreneurs and help them find funding. Their belief is that startups with co-founders from different generations bring complementary skills, experiences and perspectives that set them up for success. The rate of new start-ups has fallen significantly since the Great Recession, yet many experienced adults are interested in entrepreneurship. Yet venture investors are biased toward younger entrepreneurs even though the data shows they are less likely to succeed in the long run. Connecting the positive force, fresh ideas and edgy attitude of young entrepreneurs with the wealth of experiences, connections and life lessons of seasoned entrepreneurs is the formula for success that 4GenNow is banking on. Read an interview with Jim here.

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