We engage the talent of people over 50 for social good.

Who we are

Encore Boston Network is a community of individuals and nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, policy makers, advisors, coaches, advocates and researchers. Together, we make it possible for people over 50 to do good, feel good and add value. 

Our values

Peer Connection: Linking likeminded people and organizations into a community of inter-dependent and mutually supportive groups.

Social Currency: Facilitating relationships, not just transactions, that generate exchanges of lasting value within the community.

Discovery & Learning: Helping people and organizations gain insight and knowledge that enhances their commitment to social purpose.

Distributed Leadership: Engaging and relying on volunteers to fill key leadership roles need- ed to deliver effective programs and services.


People over 50 will make a difference in their communities and the world. They will be respected and prized as contributors, change-makers and valuable community assets.

Our unique role

We are a marketplace for encore talent, the go-to place for:

  • People over 50 to find social purpose opportunities and support for their efforts.

  • Nonprofits, businesses and government agencies seeking encore talent for paid and unpaid roles, and knowledge about how to engage, support and retain them.

  • Organizations/professionals/others to connect with or serve these two groups.

  • Information, resources and expertise about this group and its role in a multi-generational workplace.


Our name

We are the original Encore Boston, in place long before that other outfit appropriated our name. No one loses with us!

The Encore part of our name refers to our focus on people over 50. Boston connects us to the Eastern Massachusetts region. And Network says we are a community of people united by our shared mission.

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