People over 50 are a rich and growing human capital resource.

Whether you're a nonprofit, government agency, business or other organization, you want a team that takes advantage of the best available resources to meet today's needs.


That probably means an increasingly age-diverse workforce. If your team doesn't currently include people over 50, here's what you may be missing...

For paid staff & contractors...

  • Return on investment – 2 - 4 times cost​

  • Empathy for your clients – they relate to people from their life experience

  • Reliability – they're loyal and stick with you even when the going gets tough

  • Creativity – they're resourceful and find novel ways to get things done

  • Judgment – they've seen a lot of situations and make better decisions

  • Mentoring – they can guide younger workers and share wisdom with leaders

  • Connections – they know key players who can help you expand your reach

  • Flexibility – scheduling, pay and benefits​

Need superior talent to build your team?

For skilled volunteers or interns...

  • Return on investment – up to 800%

  • Skills and experience – they give you added capacity from day one​

  • Self-sufficiency – they probably don't need as much training and supervision

  • Knowledge transfer – they will bring you ideas and practices learned elsewhere​

  • Access – to new networks and resources, including potential donors

  • Motivation – they want to make a difference, not just put in time

  • Commitment – they're in it for the long haul, reducing your turnover costs

  • Flexibility – able and willing to adapt​

Need great volunteers you can count on?

Bring people over 50 into your organization. Here's how...

Adopt best practices, get case studies and other useful resources

Download 10 Steps for Engaging Adults 50+,

a summary of best

practices, with checklists

and resources

Explore the Encore Talent Works Toolkit, an online resource for help tapping

people over 50

Assess your readiness, develop a plan and tap our support services...

Take this 10-point self-assessment to gauge your readiness to engage and support people over 50

Put together an action plan

of steps you will take to

move forward

Join the EBN community, link to tools and talent...
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List your organization, roles and events in our easy-to-use, one-stop guide for skilled volunteers

Help design an Encore Circle to inform Encore Seekers about your cause and how they can support it

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