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Do you need superior talent?


If you think that older adults are over the hill, you’re living in the past. Here are just some

of the benefits encore workers can bring to your organization (confirmed by recent research):


  • Return on investment of 2 to 4 times cost

  • Work experience that is wide and deep, with versatility and skills you have a hard time finding

  • Motivation arising from dedication to your cause and a desire to help you fulfill your mission

  • Empathy for your clients – they know how to relate to people

  • Reliability – they stick with you even when the going gets tough

  • Creativity and judgment – they make good decisions and will find a way to get things done

  • Ability to mentor younger employees and share their wisdom with organizational leaders

  • Connections to key players outside the organization

  • Flexibility in scheduling, pay and benefits (including sometimes working at below-market rates)


Do you need volunteers you can count on?


Many organizations shy away from using unpaid workers because, frankly, they haven’t always had good experience  or they believe they’re not worth the time and effort. But encore workers are a different breed, because they:


  • Have the skills and experience to work independently

  • Know what they don’t know, and how to find it out

  • Bring access to their own networks of experts and other resources, including potential donors

  • Are motivated to be helpful, not just to put in required time or meet a limited requirement

  • Are in it for the long haul, have flexible schedules and want to learn new thnigs

  • Can help guide, mentor and supervise other volunteers

  • Achieve returns on investment of up to 800 percent!


Want to learn more about how encore workers can become your secret weapon?


Here are a few options:












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