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Interpreting your 10-point self-assessment

Thanks for completing the self-assessment questionnaire. Use the following guide to assess your readiness for engaging older workers and volunteers, and to think about next steps in adopting best practices.


Add up the numbers you selected for each statement on the questionnaire. See where your total falls in the following ranges:

Total of all answers is between 35-50
Congratulations! Your organization has take extensive steps to provide a supportive environment for older workers and volunteers. In fact, they may already be a significant part of your team. Consider addressing the topics for which your response was lower than 4, but otherwise, keep up the good work!

Total of all answers is between 25-35
Your organization is making great progress in its capacity to effectively recruit, support and retain people over 50. If you do not currently have older workers and volunteers, you should feel confident about taking that step, while continuing to build age-friendly policies and practices.

Total of all answers is between 10-25
Your organization has taken important initial steps to create a welcoming environment for people over 50. We encourage you to continue to build readiness by addressing topics that you could not currently give at least a 4. If you have not already done so, actively engage people over 50 to help you achieve a higher level of readiness.

Need guidance and support in adopting best practices?

Review the resources listed under “Make your organization more attractive to people over 50.” We can also offer information about best practices, put you in touch with additional resources and connect you with people who have experience they are willing to share. Contact us for further information.

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